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When it comes to Land Freight services, Daryeel logistics has connections you can trust.

Capacity is secured at short notice through a range of dependable suppliers, Our local dedicated fleet of vehicle is all equipped and designed for specialist application, therefore ensuring that we provide superior service levels and quick, accurate delivery.

We also have enduring partnerships with the best transport companies, therefore able to offer you country-to-country land freight shipping with the same efficiency as domestic shipping. We ensure that the complexities and the costs of shipping do not rise up dramatically, as the distance between pickup and delivery point increases. We offer Land Transportation in all major G.C.C. & Middle East countries with special focus on safety and security.

Our experience and resources in land freight management make us the company you can rely on for all your trucking needs. We are able to tailor our land services specific to our customer’s transport needs and offer practical solutions which reduce costs and increases efficiency. If we are delivering cargo we can arrange to collect your goods from anywhere. If necessary we can pack them in our warehouse and then deliver them by trailer to their destination.